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Here on our pallet shop page, you will find all the beautiful variations of our reclaimed wood-look pallet board walls available for purchase. Here at SLC Pallet Walls, we wanted to tackle the challenge of making that rustic wood look available for as many different architecture and interior design styles as possible. Our color blends feature seasonal appeal and various shades to match whatever other accents you have going on in your home already. Our winter blends have always been a huge hit with their mixes of icy blues and snowy whites combined with earthy wood tones that are deep and rich. Additionally, we have plenty of matching-tone wood boards here on our pallet shop page. These specialty boards blend the same tone of wood from light to dark in combinations that can go with any decor. Also, if you are looking to highlight this look in the form of a sliding barn door to turn an entrance into a masterpiece, we can make that happen. Just check out our barn doors page here!

Once you find a color combination that suits the look you are trying to capture in your home, purchasing our pallet wood walls is easy, and we will begin your order as soon as we get the notice. After that, as soon as your wood walls or barn doors arrive, we have all the resources here on our site to help you install your beautiful wood walls easily and without stress. Our “how to” page is an amazing time-saving resource that we encourage our customers to peruse before placing an order, as it will let you know what you’re getting into before ever picking up a tool. Otherwise, if at any point during this process, you have any concerns or questions, we are always more than willing to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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  • Reclaimed Pallet Wall Wood Wall
  • Mixed Rustic & Contemporary

    Pewter – 10sqft – Pallet Wall

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