Pallet Wood Barn Doors
Starting at $499

Currently Available Doors:

Barn Doors made from reclaimed pallet wood starting at $499 (basic horizontal or vertical pattern)
-Add $100 for any other pattern (Chevron, Herringbone, etc.)
-Add $100 for doors larger than 38″ (up to 49.5″ width x 97.5″ tall)

Beautifully crafted, made to order pallet wood barn doors. Plenty of colors to choose from as well as patterns (Chevron, Herringbone, vertical, horizontal, etc). Sizes up to 49.5 inches wide and up to 97.5 inches tall.


Can I change any interior door into a pallet wood barn door?
Yes, most interior doorways can be converted into a barn door as long as there is enough wall space to slide fully open on one side or the other.  Also after removing the old door, you can patch and paint where you removed the door hinges. 

How do I know what size to get?
You’ll want your barn door to be 4 inches wider than your existing door (or measure outside edge of door casing to the other outside edge of door casing).  Most doors are 84 inches tall.  This allows the header that the rail glides on to be installed above your existing door casing. 

How long does it usually take to make?
After picking your colors of wood and your design, usually within a week or two.

Does SLC Pallet Walls install barn doors?
Yes, there is an install fee of $250, plus $50 header (door hardware and handle provided by customer).  Travel fee may apply for anything outside of the Salt Lake valley.

Do these doors have pallet boards on each side?
No sorry, unless custom ordered, most doors are painted on the interior side (paint color can be Slate Black, Gray, or White).

Are the holes pre-drilled for the door hardware?
Not usually since all barn door hardware is different.  You’ll want to follow the hardware manufacturers installation instructions.

How do you accept payment?
Cash, Credit Card, Venmo, or Paypal

How do I contact you?
Call or text 801-718-0281 or email [email protected]