Easy DIY Pallet Wall Installation

Thank you for purchasing your pallet wall from SLC Pallet Walls.  Please read over these easy pallet wall installation instructions:

Tools Needed: (no air compressor or brad nailer needed)
-Hand saw and miter box or cordless saw
-Chaulk gun and Loctite PowerGrab Instant grab adhesive
-Masking tape
-Tape Measure

Step by step instructions:
Step 1:  Measure your wall and tape off the floor roughly the size of your pallet wall.  This helps balance your colors before you hang your wall.
Step 2:  Start laying out your wall on the floor, starting with your accent colors first (or the color you’re looking to feature) *No Cutting yet*
Step 3:  Gradually add in each other color leaving the fill color (usually light browns or light grays) for last
Step 4:  Once you have the majority of your wall laid out, you can now start translating/mirroring it up to your wall row by row.
Step 5:  If your ground is level, start there, if not snap or draw a level line to start your wall using as the level reference
Step 6:  Start your wall either with a full piece or a cut piece, however you’ll want to randomize your seams (don’t let your eyes see a pattern)
Step 6:  Using your caulk gun with Loctite PowerGrab, squeeze 3 quarter-sized dots of glue on the board and then press firmly onto the wall.
Step 7:  Continue gluing your boards until you get to the end of the row, where you’ll need to make a cut.
Step 8:  Measure from the wall to the last piece in the row, mark the board that needs to be cut, then cut using a miter box and hand saw, cordless saw, or miter saw.  (If using a cordless saw, cut the board with the good side facing down, you’ll get a cleaner cut)
Step 9:  Proceed cutting and gluing the boards up your wall.  I suggest putting a couple screws though to the stud every couple rows to hold until the glue dries.  It says instant grab adhesive, but I still don’t trust it even though it seems to be very good glue.  These screws should be pulled out later.
Step 10:  And there you go, you just built your first DIY pallet wall.  Congratulations.  No top coat or maintenance needed.